Horror has been a part of my life since knee-high to a grasshopper. Over the years, through different mediums, like books, graphic novels, movies, and even music, I devoured horror and all its grotesque forms. It soon grew into a passion which then created an insatiable demon inside my skull, demanding me to write stories drenched in gore, sex, and gory sex. A macabre exploration of sexual ecstasy.

I am currently working on my debut collection of novellas & short stories called CARNIVAL OF FLESH. 

Welcome to the Splatter Café​

The Splatter Café is a blog created for me to express not only my love for horror (all forms of it) but also to share my trials as an aspiring writer. It will also showcase the monsters and demons who create in the indie/underground horror community scene. 

So grab a cup of joe, or any poison of your choosing and let's discuss some horror! 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: victorroth1030@gmail.com