• Victor J. Roth


Updated: Jul 22

Ladies and gentlemen, monsters and freaks, bloodsuckers, motherfuckers, weirdos, and geeks, to the queer and the strange, and for those who are wicked and deranged!

Welcome to the Splatter Cafe!

I've been working on a collection of stories for some time now. But I am getting closer and closer to completion each day. Inspired by Clive Barker's BOOKS OF BLOOD. These stories embodied all my inspirations in horror. I wanted to share a little bit of my work to showcase what one might expect from WICKED FICTION. Wicked fiction is a transgressive orgy comprising of extreme horror, erotica, dark fantasy, and splatter-porn. Wicked Fiction allows me to venture into endless possibilities, allowing me freedom of artistic expression. I'll be speaking more in-depth about this later in another blog post. A man meets a mysterious woman who promises him exquisite pleasures not of this earth.

I hope you enjoy it!

The whiskey took hold. After a few shots, he found himself standing naked in the drab, chilly room waiting for the scene to begin, his cock aching with anticipation.

Stark naked, his mistress demanded he waited–maintaining an erection–like a dutiful boy should before his mistress enters. A simple command this submissive can follow. He stared at the door, waiting. Beneath him, drawn with white chalk was a sketch of a pentagram. He paid it no mind. But he couldn't help himself not to stroke his manhood to maintain its rigidness. Long, passionate strokes with thoughts of depravity whirling in his mind’s eye, wickedness pulsing through his blood, filling the penile chambers. He ached for her. He craved what she'd promised him. An exquisite experience of pleasure and pain. A transcendence far beyond this world, unimaginable.

The door opened.

Her presence, astounding. Tall and domineering. An athletic body, slim with pert breasts. Porcelain doll skin with blood-red lips. Tattoos turned her cappuccino toned body into living art. A chest piece with a large skull at the center, surrounded by bright, colorful lilies. Full tattoo sleeves down both arms; she even had tribal patterns on both sides of her temples. She had long raven-black hair which flowed like a wavy stream, with enchanting emerald eyes which pierced through the black lace mask. A spiked collar was around her slender neck. She was stark naked, expect for her red stilettos, the mask and... A cock dangled from her womanhood. A strap-on. He gasped with elation as she stroked her hand along the thick, black strap-on, each step towards him. His cock ached, his body quivered with anticipation. Studying her dominating demeanor, he understood his purpose. To serve his master. As he approached he noticed her height. Even without the heels, she was easily six-feet, built as if she was from the mythical island of the Amazon, like Dianna Prince. He dropped to his knees, awaiting his fate, submitting to the Goddess like a male alpha should. She sauntered over to him, proud of his submissiveness. She let the tip of the strop-on dangle near his awaiting lips.

With his pinkish tongue, he licked the tip to show her he’s loyalty. She obliged with a sinister smile as she fed him her rubber cock. He attempted to hold back the gag to impress his Goddess, taking her entire length. His eyes welled up with tears from the massive cock in his mouth, but he needed to please her. He needed to show her what a delightful boy he is. “Such an obedient sissy you are,” she said, pulling the strap-on from his mouth. He gasped as drool trickled down his chin.

Without instructions, he knew what came next. A smile of delight upon both their faces.

He turned over on all fours and presented his asshole to the Goddess. Bleached to perfection. She admired the pink star staring back at her. Impressed to what lengths he had gone to please her. She wanted to plunge deep into his intestine, and he wanted her to milk his prostate until they both came in a heap, like Shakespeare’s beasts with two backs. Sweat, lube, the stench of depravity palpable in the air. Moaning, screaming in pure ecstasy as she pounds her submissive into a state of sexual bliss. On all fours, his face buried in the pillow, as she piles-drives the black, rubber cock deep into his intestine. The euphoric bliss takes hold and his consciousness absconds to another world. He doesn’t notice the change. The metamorphoses of pure evil. She continues to pound his anal canal, her eyes shift and blink like a reptile, the color changes to an intense glowing green with flecks of yellow. Her face contorts as the bones shift and bend to form a demonic structure. Her high cheekbones jutting out into points, a pronounced furrowed brow, a sinister smile grew, exposing her serrated teeth. She opens her maw to unleash a long, slithering black tongue, as it slathers down across her chest, neck and chin.

Still oblivious to his mistress’ transformation, he reaches back with his right hand to caress her silky body. It’s cold and clammy to the touch. He jerks his hand back and tilts his head to look over his shoulder. Hunch over him like a vile beast, she hisses his name, racking her long razor-sharp claws down his back. His flesh splits open as if her nails were hot scalpels. He screamed in into the pillow, agonizing pain as she pushed the strap-on to the hilt, holding his head down, submissive, trapped. She grabbed a tuft of his hair and pulled his face from off the pillow. The slithering tongue returns, wrapping itself around his neck, tight, constricting until she didn’t hear any gasps for air.

She continued to pound away on his ass until his face was black and purple. Thick white liquid spewed from his cock-hole as the act of auto-erotic asphyxiation took hold and death shrouded his light of existence. His body stiff, lifeless. Her jaw unhinged and her gaping maw revealed pink stained serrated teeth devoured his flesh, blood and organs. Leaving the vessel with a gaping cavity, jagged white bones from his ribs protruded up through the ravaged corpse. 


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