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Updated: Jul 22

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It’s fun when you venture outside a genre of literature for a change of scenery and you discover new, refreshing and imaginative ideas and concepts. I'm excited to have discovered Sally Bend. After reading the two stories of post-apocalyptic transgressive story of erotic love and submission. I can't wait to read other works by her!

Sally Bend is a queer reviewer, editor, and author of #LGBTQIA books, and proud owner of the Bending the Bookshelf book review blog since 2010. Although shy and polite (she is Canadian), she loves the bold and boisterous expression of stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality. A lover of fetish, Futa, feminization, femdom, and fantasy, she is most content confined in a collar and corset. Oh, and she has a love of alliteration, in case you haven’t noticed!

The first two books I will talk about are rather unique in format and concept. TRANSFORMED BY THE BEAST and SURRENDERING TO THE BEAST. Both stories take place in the same dystopian societal setting with two different couples cast out for their sexual preferences, with one of them sentenced to death by a deadly illness. But there’s hope. Believed to be a cure deep in the Pagan Provinces, where ‘The Beast’ is to offer the ultimate cure… but only for those prepared to offer their ultimate surrender. To allow complete submission and give up their alpha.

I strongly recommend reading both stories. In the intro Sally explains the process of her creations and in the end she wants the reader to decide which story came first. (That's what she said). The other reason is because Sally does a brilliant job showing the different interplay of genders and sexual orientations which gives the reader a beautiful variation and perspective of the characters which I find to be brilliant, all the while taking place in a bizarre Apocalyptic setting.

Surrendering and Transformed are wonderfully written stories with clever prose that are both descriptive and fast-paced. There is nothing bland or conventional about either the dialogue or the imagery. They are raunchy, gory, and erotic. The sex scenes are riveting, surreal, and over-the-top graphic, but in an exquisite, satisfying way, and still, Sally allows plenty of room for emotion and tenderness, which I utterly adore. The imagery of both stories are masterful. As you follow both Alexander and Steven on their journey to discover the Beast, you’re swooped up in Sally’s exquisite imagination. The tentacle scenes are a pleasurable touch. There isn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about these two books.

For all its darkness, it is also an read, with a beautiful, loving ending for both couples!

I will be adding more of Sally's work to my TBR list!

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TWITTER: @bibrary

WEBSITE: sallybend.com

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