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Updated: Aug 5

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In this post I discuss Sam Richards’ latest release, SABBATH OF THE FOX-DEVILS from WEIRD PUNK BOOKS!

Man, what a stellar book! OOOH-WEEE! I mean, not only does it have a rad cover, but the story… Let me tell you... Look, I love this book! Period! As a kid who grew up in the 80s, FOX-DEVILS strokes, strums, plucks every string like a nostalgic arpeggio.

This book is badass from beginning to end! It’s a coming of age creature feature with splatterpunk and occult elements. What more can a motherfucker ask for? Sam Richards nailed this one like Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) before Congress, arguing Al Gore’s fascist censorship plan.

Joe is our main character, and he’s 12 years-old, living in a house under the oppressing rules of Christianity. Joe’s parents are those crazy Religious fanatical parents who think everything is the devil! I had a friend growing up whose parents were like Joe’s. The mother tried to tell me dinosaurs didn’t exist. Yeah, lady, are you kidding me? I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was in grade school. But I digress. So what does Joe do, he rebels, like any child would do, raised under such lunacy! So he sneaks and watches a cartoon while his parents are out. After learning about the existence of a powerful grimoire through a cartoon, 12-year-old Joe is determined to find it and change his life. But in doing so, he’ll also uncover a local priest’s dark secret and how it may be connected to Joe’s brother abruptly leaving town five years ago.

One of my favourite scenes in the book is Sam’s ass kicking ability to elicit dread. It’s the flashback with Joe and his brother Stan in the basement, and Stan is telling Joe a story about the hole in the wall. This scene from start to finish oozed that dreadful feeling of being scared of something when you were a kid. Sam does a stellar job building tension in this scene. The dread Joe feels when he’s shoved into the hole is so relatable. It brought me back as a kid when something filled you with dread.y. The creatures were fan-friggin-tastic!, There was the right amount of gore. Sam does this effortlessly. Like I said in the beginning. Sam hits every note like a metal guitarist shredding like a beast, paying homage to the Dark Lord. HAIL SATAN!

SABBATH OF THE FOX-DEVILS is a book you’ll come back to time and time again and still enjoy it like you’re reading for the first time. I bought the e-book edition, and I just ordered the paperback, because this bad motherfucker needs to be physically on my shelf!

I strongly suggest… no… I demand you read SABBATH OF THE FOX-DEVILS!

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