• Lyndon D. Johnson


Updated: Jul 10

Episode I:

There's an ocean of books out there just waiting to have fresh eyes upon them! So, I'm doing this fun list every month or every other month to talk about my favourite books I've read in the indie scene, either from small presses or self-published. These are books that I have personally enjoyed. This is me, as a reader, just being a fan of some stellar books! Maybe this will shed some new light on the author's exceptional work!

To note, there will be a series of these must-read lists which will hopefully dwindle my TBR pile. Bah, who am I kidding? No one's TBR pile dwindles.

The first batch is a mix of later year and new. These five in the above pic, which I took at my writing desk, are books I had either a tone of fun reading, they were bad ass for originality, or they brought a fresh element to an old, but scary ass trope. One thing I will add, is the authors on this list have become some of my favourite go to writers in the industry. I will throw my hard earned money at them just to have their books on my shelf!

All right, let's frolic in some bodily fluids and gore, shall we!

A GOD OF HUNGRY WALLS by Garrett Cook.

This book is probably one of my all-time favourite from Deadite Press. A God of Hungry Walls is a sadistic, psychological haunted house story which violates and defecates on the haunted house trope, in a superb fuckin' way! In this house a spirit manipulates the residents of the home for his own sick, depraved enjoyment. But once you're in, you can never leave. Even in death there's no escape.

What I really loved about this book is the unique way Cook brings this story about. The story from the spirit's perspective. I love this because Cook can really pull the reader deep into the spirits sick and twisted mind.


COWS by Matthew Stokoe.

What can I not say about this book other than IT'S SICK AF!

This novel is disgusting! I mean, I can spew many adjectives at this, but if you're craving some real depraved shit, I highly–no, I strongly suggest you read Cows! It's one of the most original and insightful books I've read. Within this blood-soaked nightmare, there's a tale of love and empowerment, and... did I mention there're talking cows? Oh, yeah, there're talking cows.

Be bold and feast your eyes on a story of visceral imagery: bestiality, torture, self-surgery, and an extremely, probably the worst mother-son relationship I've ever read.


It's no secret Weird Punk Books is slaying it at whole 'nother level. And the person at the helm of this stellar press is also one helluva story teller and writer!

Let me first say: I fuckin' loved, loved, loved this book! This is easily a genuine cult-classic of modern horror! It's a coming of age story nestled in 80s nostalgia, creature-feature mixed with its Splatterpunk themes centring around the great Satanic Panic. Sabbath is a solid, well-written story about self-discovery, a horrible secret exposed, then adds the devilish fox-devils to spatter gore everywhere! I'd love to see this in a comic book format with Gabriel Rodriguez as the artist. Sammy should submit this to Image Comics.

SPERM JACKERS FROM HELL by Christine Morgan.

So, when I heard about this book, and that title! How could you not want to read a book about a bunch of teenage slackers whom think it'll be fun to summon a succubus.? Well, if you know Deadite Press and Morgan, this book has all levels of depravity.

The demon is not what they thought, and it’s manipulating people making horrible things happen. People are cutting into each other's junk, some guy is fucking his dog, and sex slugs from Hell are raping the young men and stealing their semen in order to build a goddamn hive!

C'mon! how could you not want to read this!


STATIONS OF SHADOW by J. Daniel Stone.

Whether it's his latest release Stations of Shadow or his earlier releases: Absence of Light, Blood Kiss, Love Bites & Razor Blades. J. Daniel Stone ability to create such immersive fiction which pulls you into this powerful, queer, and transgressive story submerged in the NYC underground art scene that leaves you battered and bloodied. An unapologetic attitude seethes in his words, striking with such force you feel his character's pain. And we all know, pain is art. You'd be doing yourself a dishonesty if you didn't feast your eyes on this tour de force of horror fiction.

Lethe Press


This collection is a visceral exploration of human nature. Karen takes the light we love and feel comfortable with and she rips it from her readers, leaving them in total darkness. In this collection are women characters who are flawed, strong, mesmerizing. These stories are intense, immersive, with a haunting quality that stays with you long after you've read them. Karen Runge is the writer who scared Jack Ketchum. I nicknamed her The Queen of Extreme! This collection showcases Karen's immense writing talent!

A mesmerisingly dark imagination fills this collection of seven stories that explore a multitude of sins, both familiar and deadly. Love turns to lust. Crimes escape punishment. The ordinary turns strange. Women take control—or lose it. Blood flows, flesh ripens. And throughout, people, good and bad, find themselves in the inescapable grip of desire.

Concord Press was the distributer of this collection, and I feel this book didn't receive the proper praise. I'd love to see this get a new home!

If you're interested in reading any of these books Ie mentioned just click the cover to purchase yourself a copy! I promise, despite the extreme nature of these books, you will be entertained and you will enjoy these author's stories.